100 The Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot helps you code, debug and simulate algorithms for the new National Curriculum for Computing. Plan your algorithm on the screen of your device and send it remotely for Bluetooth enabled Blue-Bot to perform right in front of you! See the components inside Blue-Bot through a clear shell - children can see its buzz! Use the Blue-Bot like a normal Bee-Bot and programme it on the robot itself. Capable of performing 45 degree turns and you can also include repetitions in your algorithm. Blue-Bot is rechargeable and fits on the standard Bee-Bot Docking Stations. USB cable provided for recharging. Please note: Blue-Bot is compatible with any device with version 3.0/4.0+ EDR Bluetooth (e.g. iPad 3 and later, iPhone 4s and later) please check your device specifications to ensure it is compatible. ∙  Compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Mac. ∙  Rechargeable so no need to worry about costly batteries. ∙  Rename your Blue-Bot to make classroom management easier. ∙  Blue-Bot can be programmed to perform 45 degree turns. Download the App to control Blue-Bot, the latest addition to the floor robot family, from the Apple App Store. The App enables you to write an algorithm, send it and then Blue-Bot will follow your instructions. There are numerous features, which make writing algorithms both fun and educational. The Blue-Bot Class Pack includes six Blue-Bots and a Rechargeable Docking Station so you don't need to worry about storage or batteries, just pop Blue-Bot back on the dock and it'll charge ready for its next adventure! You can use Blue-Bot with a wide range of tablets and any PC with Bluetooth capability. Educational Technology Easy to use with big arrow buttons and very robust, Bee-Bot is fantastic for children of all abilities. A large memory of up to forty steps means you can send your Bee-Bot across the room to friends or around your own obstacle course. Bee-Bot will confirm moves and commands with flashing eyes and optional sounds. It works on rough or smooth surfaces and is small enough to use on a table. A bundle is also available with six Rechargeable Bee‑Bots. Includes one rechargeable Bee- Bot, four activity mats (Treasure Island, Number Track, Transparent Grid and Long Transparent Grid Mat), sequence cards and ten white clip-on shells. A great selection of activity mats which are available for use with your Blue-Bot and Bee-Bot. These really help with developing directional language and provide lots of fun and educational activities too! See inclusive.co.uk prices and codes. |  Bee-Bot Starter Pack £140 1887 Bee-Bot Starter Pack |  Bee-Bot Activity Mats £50 £300 £30 £20 6452 6454 6453 6581 Bee-Bot Rechargable Bee-Bot Class Bundle - 6 pack & dock Bee-Bot Docking Station Bee-Bot Carry Bag for up to 6 Bee-Bots |  Bee-Bot Rechargable |  Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot £70 7875 Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot |  Blue-Bot Class Pack £400 7876 Blue-Bot Class Pack