HelpKidzLearn 10 ChooseIt! Readymades contains 640 multiple choice, play-based curriculum activities that include over 14,000 questions. Providing a secure foundation for learning and accessible for all students! Readymade Learning These cover a wide variety of topics including Numeracy, Literacy and Science. Each activity supports the objectives found in curriculum standards making it easy to find the right skills to practice to meet your learning goals! New activities are added on a regular basis. Educational Activities Each Readymade activity has a carefully graded sequence of 20 to 40 multiple-choice questions, structured to provide positive reinforcement. Correct answers result in a short, animated reward with music and spoken reinforcement. Numeracy Foundation Stage: Shape, Space and Measure Number 5 to 10 Key Stage 1: Shape, Space and Measure Number 0 to 100 Early Number Money (UK Only) Number 0 to 5 Time Literacy Numeracy Science