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ICT for Hearing Impairment


The computer is now often referred to as a multimedia device and is able to present information in a variety of ways. CD-ROMS use text, still and moving images and sound to convey information. Word processors allow you to mix text and images to give additional meaning to written material. Text can be created from letters, words and phrases, rather than having to be built up letter-by-letter - this can help people concentrate on the meaning and flow of their writing. Video 'clips' of signing can be added to other software or incorporated into multimedia presentations. With overlay keyboards and Software such as Inclusive Writer, Clicker and Writing with Symbols 2000 can link text and symbols to give many different writing, spelling and sentence construction activities.

Images and graphicsAs computers become more powerful more software is now adopting a multimedia approach. In some cases a simpler approach is better and there are many programs that make use of images and graphics.

My World
My World 3 and its extensive range of resource packs offers activities using graphics that cover many curriculum areas, age and ability levels.

IntelliTools software can be used to create language and graphical activities suitable for a wide age and ability range.

First Keys 2Language development
First Keys 2 uses pictures, animation, speech and sound to reinforce successful completion of tasks. Activity screens can be printed to follow-up work away from the computer.
When an activity is completed, a simple record sheet can be displayed or printed to use as a reward, or to help monitor progress.


Boardmaker 6 Symbol Software

Programs that have been designed to use symbols for language and communication purposes can be used to create picture and symbol activities on screen and are also useful for creating paper based resources. BoardMaker has been designed to make communication charts and overlays using extensive symbol libraries.

Signing CD-ROM
The Sign Now - BSL CD ROM (£59) (Forest Bookshop) provides an extensive library of signs and represents the potential of multimedia for the presentation of learning and accessible material for the deaf.



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